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Dear Diary: Why keeping a journal is good for your soul. (Christina Warrysh, guest blogger)

I was gifted my first diary when I was 10. It was Anne of Green Gables themed. In it I scribbled in messy cursive writing events of the day, who I played with, what I was excited about, and who my latest crush was. These early entries tended to take on a more documentary style with less complex emotion and more play by play. It was a space to record and remember.

This diary was to be the first volume in an evolving journey of many more. Those that followed captured my growing years, coming into myself....and the self after that, the first loves and heart breaks, my parent's divorce, the growth and healing, loss, changing friendships, boy band obsession, and so much more. These books so simple on the outside hold my story. They are more than just memories of days gone by but reflections of lives I once lived, people I once was. They are a key to my yesterday but also hold valuable insight on personal growth and perspective. They give me strength and show resilience.

The last night of my university life I lay on my wooden penthouse floor pouring my heart into my diary. Not knowing how I was going to survive leaving a life I loved. Terrified at the next step. A degree in hand but no real concrete plans. Leaving the bubble of Queen's and returning to my parents. I was low. I have reread that entry many times and can easily remember the fear and sadness. But I also hear the hope and compassion I held for myself. It was hard and I was scared but I noted that I was going to hold on the best I could. The entries that followed were a roller-coaster of emotions, actions, and too many contradictions to count. But they were my story and I told it without fear of judgement. I coped as best I could and I came out stronger. I am grateful I have them to read back and see how far I have come.

As a Mom and wife today I find journaling to be a huge asset and cathartic release for my daily stresses. By giving myself the space and time to write I feel more calm and connected. I give myself permission to say what I need. I find inspiration in all emotion- the ups and downs and even the simplicity of the middle. I like to write about moments I felt alive and connected with my husband and kids. Events we attended and how I felt during. When the load gets too heavy to carry I reach for my pen. I gain perspective and find patterns. I get to know myself on another level. I can reflect and remember and know that I have survived other life plot twists and will continue to do so. Journaling is a gift you give yourself. The pay off is invaluable.


Journaling changes your life for the better:

Journaling gives you private, non-judgmental space to process your thoughts and emotions

Journaling increases self-awareness

Journaling pushes you to actively inspect your life

Journaling strengthens your sense of self

Writing about your feelings can improve your interactions and relationships with others

Journaling is a powerful tool to help you reach your goals

Journaling improves your memory

Journaling helps heal the past


Interested in learning how journaling can improve your self-care? There are so many creative ways to journal. Come out and attend my Wellness Journal Workshop and learn how this simple yet beneficial tool can better your wellness. Sunday February 24th, 1:00 pm

1249 Dozois Road, Manotick. Bring your journal and a pen.

Refreshments included. Reserve today. 10 Maximum.

To learn more about the fabulous Christina, check this out:

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