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It Takes One to Know One...

I received the most memorable compliment while on a business trip in Chicago, IL. It was a moment for which I will forever be grateful.

My husband and I were waiting for a taxi in the lobby of the Four Seasons. I was completely mesmerized by a stunning woman waiting for the elevator. This wasn't the "common" elevator - it was an express trip straight to the penthouse. I could have sworn she was an 80 year old Holly Golightly. The bag, the sunglasses, the wool suit - undeniably Chanel. Her lipstick was pink perfection. I simply had to meet her. Jumping out of the taxi cue, I approached her. No plan for what I would say. I simply said "I just have to tell you. You are an absolutely stunning woman." Her response? Perfectly, perfect..."It takes one to know one, darling." Swoon.

If this isn't something you typically do, (compliment complete strangers) I urge you to give it a try. You will be delighted and so will they. When I see someone who is just owning their style and knocking it out of the park - I make a point to tell them. The response is priceless. Who doesn't need that kind of a pick me up. After all my darlings, it takes one to know one.

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