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Kaftan or Moo Moo

Much to my husband's dismay, I have a closet full of kaftans. I just can't get enough of these ridiculously, Mrs. Roper-esque wonders. I don't know what it is - but I just feel like "me" when I throw on one of these beauties. I think my gramma used to call them house-dresses or moo-moos. In fact, that is all I can really remember her wearing. Perhaps this is why they make me feel so beautiful and carefree. To me she was what a woman was supposed to be. She made the simplest things into works of art and objects of wonder. Whether she was in her garden, in the kitchen or sitting at her sewing machine. All I can recall is grace, beauty and strength. The curves of her body, the scent of her, her sing song voice - from a child's vantage point her house-dresses, moo moos, kaftans whatever you want to call them; they were the garments of a queen. That queen now resides among the stars.

So my apologies to my husband, my kids and my neighbours, this Kaftan Queen is here to stay.

*note: my sister insisted that I include this caveat, that while I am indeed a free-spirit, Moo Moo's have no place in the office or at open houses! ;)

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