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You're never fully dressed without a smile...

If you ever want to arrange an impromptu meeting with an old flame, a high school nemesis, a client or even your boss - I'll tell you how to make that happen.  Wake up, don't look in the mirror and run to the corner store for milk because there is nothing for your kids to put on their cereal (or in your coffee).  Fool proof.  I guarantee you will run into at least one of those people. And if that doesn't work, get the flu, don't brush your teeth and go to the pharmacy to pick up your prescription.  Any of these will do.  And if that doesn't work (I'd be shocked) - but, put on a ball cap, dribble some coffee down the front of your shirt and bring your screaming kids with you to the grocery store.  Done and done.

To further illustrate my point, and I do think there is one, anonymity was one of my favourite parts of moving to a larger city.  I am from a small town in Northern Ontario - in fact I am sure that most of my followers are from there as well.  (We are just good people like that - we take care of our own in SSM.)  Anyway - back to anonymity.  I am getting much better now that I am older and more comfortable in my skin, but I used to cringe at the thought of running into someone from my past. Some one who knew me back in the "glory days".  It was because I was no longer that young girl that they used to know.  Not by a long shot.  I don't know if I was afraid to disappoint them or was I so vain that I thought that they actually cared? Funny thing is, that it took turning 40 and being the mother of a remarkable little girl, to help me realize that I was the only one who really cared. No one has that expectation of me, I put that all on myself.  Each day is a "glory day." A little age has served me well and I can almost guarantee that someone reading this feels exactly the same way I did.  So if I am right, let me give you a little advice.  You are beautiful.  That is all I see when I am lucky enough to run into you at the grocery store.

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