Hello Meadow + Moon.  

So here is the deal.  I have had this crazy little dream of bringing back the village feel to Greely. With box stores and fast living encroaching on our little village - I feel strongly that we need to hold onto a little bit of community nostalgia - the successful GC Market series has been a strong indicator that the "village people" feel the same way. The shop + meeting space will be located on the old Main street - Meadow Drive - Across from the community centre.  1429 Meadow Avenue was once the Greely general Store + post office.  My goal is to restore it to its original glory and purpose as a community hub.  Our goal is to open our doors in mid-April.  We will keep you posted.

The Pop-up Shop:  We have to start small (like seriously its a small space) - but that didn't stop us from bringing in some of the biggest talent from the Ottawa maker scene.   Here is a sneak peek of the treasures that will be popping up in our shop.  Stay tuned for a detailed directory of these makers and their magic.

The Community Space:  The "Moon Room" is a cozy little space to make magic happen.  With an attached kitchen and screened in porch, the Moon Room provides a welcoming space for 8-12 people.  There will be scheduled events and time slots available for meet-up + private rentals.  We are so excited to publish the event schedule - but while we work on fine-tuning it - here is a snap shot of our planned offerings (without giving too much away!) Kids Art Class, Inspiring Sharing Sessions, DIY Creative Wellness, Mama Meet-ups and maybe a little Tarot and Tea Leaf reading.